7 Proven Tips and Tricks to Crack JEE Main

7 Proven Tips and Tricks to Crack JEE Main

Have you set your goal to become an IITian? On way to start your JEE Main preparation? If yes then you have reached the right page. This blog discusses some of the proven tips and tricks that are sure to make you crack JEE Main.  So, the aspirants must read these tips thoroughly, implement them and clear JEE Main with flying colours. Read on further-

  1. Put syllabus together- First and foremost, you should be well-versed with the syllabus that is going to come in JEE Main. Each and every topic should be clear to you and you must be well aware of the subjects that are in the bucket of your weaknesses. This way, you will be able to emphasise more on your weak subjects to not lose scores in them.
  2. Set a definite timetable- Orchestrating a proper timetable will divide your time for studies and other activities. Also, you will have a target of a specific number of hours to study a particular subject. For instance, if you have assigned four hours to study Mathematics then in no case, you should give a minute less to it. With an organised timetable, you will be able to dedicate equal attention to all the subjects.
  3. Say NO to distractions- For the time duration that you have planned to dedicate to your JEE preparation, you should keep yourself away from the distractions. This doesn’t mean to snap contacts from your friends and family, but to keep it minimal so that it doesn’t affect your studies. With this, you should keep your laptop, PSPs, smartphones and other devices at bay.
  4. Join only a renowned coaching institute- If you think that every next coaching institute offers the same quality of education then, unfortunately, you are mistaken. Every institute has its own teaching methodologies and strategies, which can either mend a student’s chance to crack JEE or break it. It is crucial to opt for the one that has a proven record of decades in producing top results in JEE Main, JEE Advanced and other exams. Such an institute proffers the best education through its industry’s best subject experts.
  5. Healthy lifestyle- Most of the students overlook this tip because they are only engrossed in studying. But, do you know that you will be able to study effectively only when you’ve had a good sleep and food? It is a fact that our lifestyle does affect the overall aspects of your day to day activities, studies being one of them. You should go out for a walk or indulge yourself in a sports activity so that your brain is rejuvenated and lets you concentrate better on your studies.

Tips to consider while attempting JEE Main exam  

  1. Attempt easy questions first- You should attempt easy questions first so that no time is wasted on pondering over the ones that you are doubtful of. After attempting all the easy ones, you can come back to the tougher ones in the end. It is likely that your brain will be hit with some idea of those questions by then.
  2. Use elimination process- When you see MCQs, you don’t have to panic.  The hack here is to use the elimination process and strike-off (in your mind) the ones that you know are definitely not the correct answer. This is sure to get you to the right answer.

So, you see that cracking JEE Main exam is not a giant task to do. All you need to have is the proper strategy, timetable and support of the best coaching institute. Now, Get ready to crack JEE Main! All the best!