Here are 5 Vitally Important Questions Answered for All Engineering Aspirants

Here are 5 Vitally Important Questions Answered for All Engineering Aspirants

The Demand for Science & Engineering 

Engineering gives birth to not just Engineers but also to individuals who invariably attain the ability to outshine. By pursuing Engineering / Sciences, you do not just become an Engineer / Technocrat / Scientist, but your thinking perspective also broadens to such an extent that you always outshine your contemporaries from other fields, and constantly scale newer heights of success. As a matter of fact, many career choices are available through various non-Science & Non-Engineering streams but if a student chooses the science stream, he/she has the choice of an array of professional fields to work in. Nowadays, students are more fascinated by a career that can provide them with instant fame & money. There are still many students who only aim for a career in science or becoming an engineer irrespective of this, right from their secondary classes and work towards their dream by appearing for various talent hunt competitive exams for science students and then head on to their JEE preparation. So, it is all about the personal choice and interest of an individual. The field of science and engineering still stands strong. 


The Current State of Engineering Education in India 

The state of engineering is evolving in the right direction, while new and attractive streams in engineering like Mechatronics Engineering, Nano-Engineering, Space Engineering, Agricultural Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, etc. are encouraging innovation. However, Engineering Education in India does require strategic change. Despite a vast number of engineering colleges, engineers produced specially from most of the private engineering colleges are unemployed and are not able to meet the rapidly changing technological and business requirements of the industry in India and abroad. Engineering subjects learned are outdated OR not updated as per fast-growing industry requirements of sustainable development, automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning skills. There is a disconnect between students’ aspirations and parental pressure, syllabus in colleges and requirements of industry, political parties in power and management. However, there are these prestigious IITs, NITs, IIITs, and BITS in sync with fast changes taking place in technology and are training good engineers for both developing and developed countries. 


The Kind of Preparation Engineering Aspirants Should Undertake 

Students should study from fundamentals, develop logical thinking, focus on improving their analytical skills, and progress to solving challenging questions. Students should also learn to apply concepts in day-to-day problems and develop a parallel thinking process to be able to solve a question by different methods. Students must meticulously follow the cycle of learning, practising, testing, analysis, and working on weak points. Inculcating the right examination temperament & practising in a simulated exam like environment are other important cogs in the wheels of preparation. 


The Value of Studying Science at Higher Secondary Level 

Studying science at a higher secondary level in school can prepare you for diverse career choices but will not always help you emerge successful in every walk of life. Success in life is determined not by subject alone but by other factors such as joy and satisfaction in the field of work, focus, tenacity, commitment, emotional quotient, interpersonal skills, networking skills, empathy, and value system. 


The Role of Coaching Institutes in Today’s Era 

The common problems of encouraging rote learning over fundamental-based learning, no individualised attention, no effort for improving the IQ of every student in the class, and no encouragement to develop a scientific attitude persist even now. 

FIITJEE plays the role of taking care of these shortcomings of general school education to handle the intellectual demands of extremely bright students who are capable of grasping and learning beyond the average class. Students come to us with specific aspirations of cracking competitive exams which require specialised training. FIITJEE plays a very crucial role for all such students, ensuring complete guidance for them. We engage the best talent for teaching and ensure these goals are met. 


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