How to strengthen mental power and overcome JEE exam pressure?

How to strengthen mental power and overcome JEE exam pressure?

Are you a JEE aspirant planning to appear this year? If yes, then it is sure that you must be on your toes and worried about your performance in the exam. However, this piece of writing will aid you in lowering your stress & anxiety and guide you on how to strengthen your mental power. So, go through the blog further and get solutions to all your exam worries.

Following are the ways to strengthen your mental power-

  • Meditate and Quit procrastination- The first step towards strengthening your mental power is to train your mind to stop procrastinating. And, you can do this by doing meditation for at least 20 minutes. If you have planned to achieve a study goal, then do it at once instead of leaving it to the next day. Remember, it’s only the beginning that is tough. Once you commence, the actions will breeze easy.
  • Study in your ‘alert mode’- Yes, this one’s the most essential. Choose the time when you are in the highest mode of your concentration. For instance, some students find early mornings to be the best time to study while others are able to concentrate better in late-night studies. At this time, you can be highly productive and solve complex problems.
  • Workout and get some sunlight- To strengthen your mental power and concentration, you must pay heed to the importance of exercising. Take out time and set a routine of doing exercise for at least one hour. With this, getting some sunlight to improve the levels of vitamin D and boost your brain performance is just inevitable.

Since JEE is around the corner, it is true that you must be under intense exam pressure. So, discussed below are some great tips to overcome JEE exam pressure. Follow them while making efforts to strengthen your mental power-

  • Create a to-do list- You must create a to-do list to follow your study timetable religiously. Set your biological timings according to the exam timings, so that you do not lose concentration and mindfulness while performing in the exam. This way, you will be clear about what needs to be done when.
  • Prefer quality over quantity- Do not take the pressure of studying all the reference books that your friends have recommended. But whatever you learn and study, grasp it all in a way that you do not miss even a single mark on the questions from those very chapters & topics. In-depth knowledge is more important than turning over all the pages in the book.
  • Analyse and focus- Undoubtedly, it is significant to analyse your performance and recognise your both academic strengths and weaknesses. An honest analysation will help you plug your loopholes and overcome your weaknesses to give your best on the JEE day.

Now when you know what all it takes to strengthen your mental power and overcome JEE exam pressure, you should follow the aforesaid tips and turn your preparation smooth. Good luck!