Top Ways to Memorise Mathematics Formulas

Top Ways to Memorise Mathematics Formulas

Worried about learning complex Maths formulas? Having sleepless nights thinking and learning these formulas? Well, if you say yes to it then you definitely are not resorting to the proper ways to memorise Maths formulas. The subjects like Mathematics and Physics include formulas that demand students to understand them fully and learn them by heart. And, this is only possible when you have a well-planned strategy to learn the formulas. This blog talks about some of the top ways that can certainly support you in memorizing the formulas and never forget them. Here they are-   

• Relax and concentrate- The foremost tip is to relax your mind and concentrate on your Maths formulas. Remember, with a stressed or disturbed state of mind, you can never grasp the formulas, as the brain loses its potential to learn anything new. Further, it becomes a complicated task for you to learn what you want to. So, you need to calm your mind and absorb the formulas with a deeper level of concentration.

• Practice and practice- Sounds obvious, right? But, this is the major key to win over the complex formulas. You are likely to get tangled with a formula for long if you are learning it orally or leaving it to your eidetic memory. The formulas you learnt at night might vanish away in the morning. However, penning down the formulas and practisingthem over and over will take you to the point where these formulas will come naturally to you. No hard efforts will be needed.

• Emphasise on one formula at a time- If you think that you can cram in multiple formulas at a time then you might not be proved right. Though you can learn them all, you won’t be able to remember them for long. So, the hack here is to focus on one formula at a time and practice it until you are a pro in it. What you can do is to take up at least 3 problems based on that one formula and solve them. Repeat this with every formula that you keep on learning. This way, the formulas will settle deep in your brain.

• Understand all the knicks and knacks- It is inevitable to understand every part of the formula in order to learn it and remember it. Every bit of the formula must be crystal clear to you so that you do not have any doubts and don’t end up cramming something that you haven’t understood. Do not hesitate in seeking help from the teachers of your school or the coaching institute that you have joined. They will be readily available to fix your doubts. A proper understanding of the formulas and its derivation will surely benefit you in the long run.   

Thus, it is now sure that you must have picked the right trick to memorise Maths formulas. So, it’s time that you apply these ways thoroughly and do wonders in your exams. All the very best!