3 Ways Education Powers A Better Tomorrow for Us & Our Children

3 Ways Education Powers A Better Tomorrow for Us & Our Children

Education is not a privilege, but a right. Because fortune favours the Educated.”

Education is an empowering force that drives a civilisation and its citizenry forward. It creates knowledge, emboldens confidence and breaks barriers to opportunity. From enriching communities through income and skill enhancement to ushering peace and tranquillity in a society riddled with destitution and chaos, education can immeasurably transform the social fabric of any given society.

For children, education is a key to opening the doors to a better and more dignified world. However, it is a terrible reality in today’s era that millions of children never receive this key elixir of transformative enlightenment during their lives. We believe that education is access to continuous learning that ultimately leads to strides in a child’s life and career. Beyond that, moral education also needs to be imparted which influences the outlook of a child towards the world and instils in him/her a sense of social responsibility.

3 Significant Ways Education Powers A More Promising Tomorrow

Education Stimulates Economic Progress

Every economic system is fuelled by smart minds who can advance various programs and policies initiated by institutions and organisations that stimulate growth and development, benefiting a major faction of individuals in the socio-economic ecosystem. Education plays a pivotal role in raising innovation, productivity and economic output which leads to job increase and economic stability. An educated child can eventually play a part in accelerating economic progress through his/her scientific curiosity, business acumen or social reformatory temperament.

Education Spreads Awareness

People galvanised by false beliefs do more harm than good to society. Education helps us question, analyse and reject vague superstitions. An educated mind seeks logic and scientific reasoning behind all actions and occurrences that he/she encounters. Children who receive quality education throughout their lives become better citizens and differentiators between what is right and wrong. They wear a moral compass that leads them to play a more conducive and productive role in society.

Education Awakens One’s Understanding of Rights

Children are innocent and uninformed when it comes to having knowledge and understanding of the law and human rights. Therefore, we must provide them with the means and confidence to claim their rights through participation in schools and various programs that help them espouse the general convention of rights and responsibilities. We also must recognise educated children as defenders of human rights who are capable of enacting positive change for a sustainable and more prosperous global society.

FIITJEE believes that education plays a pivotal role in shaping, improving and uplifting the lives of children. In honouring the belief of providing world-class education to help the economically deprived section of society, FIITJEE has made constant strides through its Fortunate 40 social initiative over the years. Through Fortunate 40, we award 100% Scholarships and 100% waivers on hostel charges to selected students presently in Class VIII & Class X (soon going to Class IX & Class XI) for admissions to FIITJEE’s Two & Four Year Classroom Programs. i.e. Aspirants of JEE MAIN & ADVANCED, 2026 & 2024

The Fortunate 40 batch for each program, at each location, will have a maximum of 40 students only.

Eligibility: Student should be from a Central Government School or a State Government School and from the under privileged section of society. The total parental income should be less than Rs. 10,000/- per month. Other Students (studying in public / private schools) may also apply, however their application will be considered on case to case basis and on the discretion of the management.

The Fortunate 40 Selection Test will be held on Sunday, 6th February 2022

Last Date to Register is 4th February 2022

For Registrations, visit www.fiitjee.com/f40.htm

A few of Our Fortunate 40 Achievers

Anand Kumar (All India Rank 369 in JEE Advanced 2020) joined FIITJEE’s Four Year Integrated School Program selected through Fortunate 40.

M.S.K Manohar (All India Rank 5 in JEE Advanced 2018) was a student of FIITJEE’s Two Year Integrated Pinnacle Program selected through Fortunate 40.

Sreedhar Avvari (All India Rank 587 in JEE Advanced 2019) was a student of FIITJEE’s Two Year Integrated Pinnacle Program selected through Fortunate 40.