5 Important Tips To Handle JEE Coaching & School Together

5 Important Tips To Handle JEE Coaching & School Together

Preparing for JEE with a humungous course syllabus is a task in itself, and managing that with school studies can become a tedious activity. With the abundant co-curricular activities in every school, students get very little time for themselves trying to juggle between schools & JEE coaching. We know how difficult it could get for you, so here are some tips to guide you through managing school as well as IIT JEE coaching:

1. Make sure you are choosing the right coaching institute

A make or break reason for students clearing IIT JEE, is the coaching institute that the students choose. One should be very wise in choosing the right institute for preparing for the IIT JEE examination. Some of the factors you should consider are:-

a) Result
Check the track record of the institute that you finalize to study with. How many students of their batch are admitted to the IIT’s now? What was the pass rate? How many students under 100 ranks? Answering these questions will tell you the quality of education that you would receive at the institute.

b) The Student-teacher ratio
A lot of organizations understaff & overwork their teachers, or have batches with a lot of students. It becomes a huge problem when there are too many students in a class because the teacher just can't pay attention to the growth & learning of everyone. Be aware of the student-teacher ratio in every class before you finalize on the institute to prepare for IIT JEE.

c) Doubt classes
The course & curriculum for IIT JEE is a tough one, and with the detailing of the topics that the students study, they are bound to have doubts. While a lot of academies focus on solving all the problems of a student, there are some like FIITJEE who make the time for regular doubt classes. Doing so ensures that every student has the accessibility to reach out to teachers, and have their problems solved!

d) Close to home
The distance from home to a coaching institute can be a big constraint for students who live in metropolitan cities. A lot of time could get spent in commutation, which can be better utilized in studying. It is absolutely essential to choose a coaching institute closer to home whilst ensuring all the other standards are met.

e) Tests
What is learning if you are not able to implement it? Taking coaching & classes are absolutely essential for IIT JEE, but more important is being able to apply all of the learning to solve tests & assess yourself. Make sure the institute you study with gives you access to enough & more practice tests. FIITJEE has an amazing bank of questions & test series to make sure that students are exposed to all kinds of problems before giving the JEE examination.

2. Ensure that you organize your time, and follow strict timelines for yourself

It can get a little too overwhelming studying for school & preparing for IIT JEE, but the key is to ensure that you allocate your time to both of them. It is important to give time to your school studies because they form the base for your IIT preparation as well. And just attending coaching & schools might not be enough to ace in both of them. Self-study & practice time is the best to reflect upon what you learn everywhere. We recommend you allocate 3-4 hours to daily self-study apart from the coachings. You could set this time first thing in the morning when you are fresh, or in between your day. But whatever you do, stick to this schedule. Discipline in your learning will lead you a long way!

3. Wrap up school work on weekday and JEE for coaching preparation for weekends

Sparing time for self-study might not be the easiest to do when you have long hours at school & coaching. In situations like these, we recommend separating your weekdays & weekends to catch up on the different sections of your learnings. We have seen that some students finish up all the homework & assignments from schools on weekdays, and keep the time to catch up with their coaching on the weekends.

4. Don’t ignore one for the other

One of the biggest mistakes we have seen students do is prioritize learning for IIT JEE over their school studies. The learnings you have at school & in your coaching both are absolutely important and neither should be neglected. In fact, what you learn at school forms the base for what you learn ahead in your coaching.

5. Eat good nutritious food and exercise

One of the most important things to do while preparing for IIT JEE is taking care of yourself. Being physically, mentally & emotionally healthy is of utmost importance to be able to study & ace the examination. To ensure this, we recommend giving high importance to exercising & what you eat. Nutritious food facilitates good growth of the mind & the body while exercise keeps you energetic & fit… & all of these things ensure you learn & absorb faster!

What are you waiting for? Start implementing these steps & ace at balancing your school studies & IIT JEE coachings. All the best for this wonderful learning journey!