5 Tips for Managing Stress and Anxiety of Studying During COVID-19

5 Tips for Managing Stress and Anxiety of Studying During COVID-19

Studying amidst pandemic times can entirely be a challenging task. With divided opinions of whether to start taking offline coaching or continue studying online, you all must be under stress. But, you don’t have to be. Whatever medium of learning you are adopting, all you have to be is organized and take steps that can curb your anxiety and stress.  

This blog will give you an insight into effective tips to manage the stress and anxiety of studying during COVID-19. Go through them mentioned as under-      

  1. Plan and don’t procrastinate- Note that missing and procrastinating your online classes will only make you lose interest and leave you stressed.   When you keep up with your study schedule, you put a whole lot of anxiety off your shoulders.  Your anxiety and stress can peak when your exam is just around the corner but if you have attended all the lectures, tutorials and followed your study timetable sincerely, you will be in a calmer state of mind.
  2. Don’t forget to take breaks- True that studying during this pandemic can make you moody and you might feel frustrated at times. So, it is necessary that you take breaks at regular intervals to keep your interest in studying intact. While you are on the rollercoaster of your emotions, it’s better to take out time for a walk, listening music, and talking with friends.
  3. Take help from professors- Problems arise when you are stuck with a topic that you don’t understand and consequently, it makes you stressed.  So, the finest solution to curb this anxiety is to reach your faculty/professors/tutors whenever you are facing any difficulty. Whenever you are struggling with any part of your syllabus, you should contact your professor there and then. With clarity of concepts, you will be in much lesser stress.
  4. Talk to your friends and family- It is understandable that one of your causes of anxiety would be the inability to meet your friends, have coffee, and express your emotions. But, you can always keep them close to you online. You can choose to be a part of different events, groups, clubs etc. even online. This will keep you upbeat and away from stress.  With this, spend time with your family members whenever you take study breaks. Don’t just lock yourself to study for the entire day.
  5. Take care of physical and mental health- It is inevitable to eat healthy food, do exercise and sleep well for a healthy life. Sticking within the four walls of your room with a laptop and phone in hand for long hours can deteriorate your wellbeing. With this, try not to be carried away by all that negativity around on social media. It can severely affect your mental health. Thus, make sure to share your concerns and reasons for anxiety with someone that you trust.  

So, now when you are all aware of the effective tips to curb your stress and anxiety, you must follow them and improve your performance. All the best!