6 days left for JEE Main (Session 1) -   Know what to do in the last hours ?

6 days left for JEE Main (Session 1) - Know what to do in the last hours ?

Fear, worry, nervousness, anxiety, and confidence that’s dipping and intensifying, are not strange emotions before the exam. You are not alone if you are dealing with it. The entire community of 15 lac JEE aspirants must be going through some or the other emotion. So, it’s time not to drown yourself in the stress or tension of the exam but to focus on what you should do one week before the exam. This blog is for every JEE aspirant who is just a week away from JEE Main.

Read what you should and shouldn’t in the last week -

  • Maintain a positive yet relaxed attitude- As the exam approaches, many students panic and lose their positive spirits. However, the key is to keep yourself calm and relaxed. Believe in your preparation and all the hard work that you have put in. Panicking will only plunge your performance. Thus, keep a positive attitude and know that you will perform very well. There should be no room for negative thoughts in the last hours before JEE Main.
  • Don’t miss your schedule- It’s still fine to go easy on the last day before the exam in order to not take the stress. However, you must follow your daily study schedule in the last week as well. If that calls for only a 6-hour sleep, go for it. You must give full attention to your studies even in the last days of JEE Main without being overconfident about your preparation.
  • Avoid distractions- You've been avoiding distractions throughout your preparation process, and now it's time to make that rule even stricter. There must be no distractions during the last week, such as extensive conversations with friends, outings, or time spent on social media. Focus solely on your academics.
  • Revise as much as you can - Keep revising whatever you have studied by far, especially the concepts and formulas. The revision will only strengthen your preparation and will maximise your JEE Main score. Just make sure to stick to the books that you have studied from, as picking up new books to learn new things or for references will simply lead to confusion.
  • Consume healthy food - Do not miss out on a good diet. It’s inevitable to feed your body with a nutritious and healthy diet like dry fruits, milk, green vegetables, fruits, and others. Make sure to consume at least 8-10 glasses of liquids each day. All this will aid in the proper functioning of the brain.

With this, remain in contact with the faculty that has prepared you for the exam. It will help and guide you in case of last-minute confusion, stress, and even if you are losing confidence before the exam. So, keep your confidence high and perform your best in JEE Main 2022. All the best!