All India Test Series- Experience JEE before the Real JEE

All India Test Series- Experience JEE before the Real JEE

Are you a JEE aspirant? Aiming for JEE Main and JEE Advanced 2022 & 2023? If yes then you have certainly landed on the right page. Here, you will learn about the wonders of FIITJEE’s All India Test Series (AITS) Program and the way it can give your academic dream of becoming an IIT a meaning.

Only preparing well for JEE Main and JEE Advanced is not enough. You need to transform your skills and knowledge into success, which only AITS can do. AITS will give you the right exam approach and required exam temperament by providing you with accurate feedback on your level of preparation. Through the support of faculty and continuously held tests, you will be able to strengthen your weaknesses and give your best on the exam day.

If you are still wondering about the importance of AITS then go through the following-

Why AITS is significant for every JEE aspirant?

  • AITS will give you several chances to get an insight into your performance and fulfil the academic gaps accordingly
  • The test series will prepare you comprehensively i.e. for all types of exam patterns and levels of exam difficulty
  • Makes you experience JEE several times before the real JEE, so you gain confidence to give your best performance on the exam day
  • AITS comprises Live Online Concept Strengthening Classroom Program (CSCP) to eliminate all conceptual doubts
  • Teaches you time management skills, so that you are able to attempt the entire question paper within the time
  • It consists of test analysis sessions to make you aware of your shortcomings and enhance your strike rate or scores in the paper


Know what our toppers have to say about AITS experience

Pal Aggarwal, AIR 1, Joint U.P. Topper, JEE Main 2021

“AITS helped me develop problem-solving skills and examination temperament. Detailed test analysis helped me learn from my mistakes and improve my memory.”

Atharva A Tambat, AIR 1, Maharashtra Topper, JEE Main 2021

“FIITJEE AITS has been a great learning experience for me. It is a well-known fact that new questions are asked every year in JEE Advanced. AITS helped me to adapt to the same. I also realised that there are certain concepts in which I need more revision and solve more problems.”

Vaibhav Vishal, AIR 1, Bihar Topper, JEE Main 2021
“AITS papers helped me analyse my position on all India level on a regular basis. The FIITJEE AITS papers have a good variety of questions which cover our entire syllabus and have all levels of difficulties as well.”

Siddhant Mukherjee, AIR 1, Rajasthan Topper, JEE Main 2021

“To put the finishing touches on my paper, the FIITJEE AITS papers conducted in CBT format allowed me to build up a good exam temperament irrespective of the nature of the paper, which is very important in a competitive exam such as JEE Main and Advanced”.

The above mentioned are just a few out of many students who have been greatly benefitted from the FIITJEE’s All India Test Series. If you also wish to get an academic edge over others, you must enrol in AITS without keeping any second thoughts. To know more information, you can reach your nearest FIITJEE centre. So, it’s time to learn how not to fail through AITS. All the best!