Big Bang Edge -The Gateway to unravel your veiled potential & open new doors to excellence in various Competitive & Scholastic Exams as well as in diverse careers

Big Bang Edge -The Gateway to unravel your veiled potential & open new doors to excellence in various Competitive & Scholastic Exams as well as in diverse careers

FIITJEE’s Big Bang Edge (BBE) Test is the ladder to your academic goals and targets. This test will set you on course for matchless growth in terms of your ability to assess your potential, current capability, and real inclinations. Whether you are aspiring for IIT, IISc, NIT, or aiming to achieve desired results in NTSE, X / XII Boards, KVPY, Sr. Olympiads & Jr. Science Olympiad, or having an inclination towards any stream – Arts / Commerce / Humanities / Medical or is interested to pursue a Career doing Bachelor’s in Science then Big Bang Edge Test will drive you to ultimate success through FIITJEE’s iconic coaching programs.     

Eligibility and Test Date  

Big Bang Edge test is specially tailored for the students presently studying in class V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X & XI. This time, the test will be held on multiple dates i.e. 10th, 12th, 14th, 16th & 17th October 2021. The interested Students can choose the test date which suits them the best. The test will be conducted in proctored online mode (can be taken from the safety of home). Students must register for the test at the soonest. Since every FIITJEE test is also a scholarship test, so performing well in this can get you great rewards. Depending upon your performance in the test and your present potential, we will give you fee waivers to encourage and recognise the genius in you.   

Unmatched Academic benefits by appearing in Big Bang Edge (BBE) Test    

  • Potential evaluation- By appearing in BBE, you will get your current IQ and potential evaluated. You will get to know what level of potential you presently possess to clear your target exams. In addition to this, you will also get detailed Relative Performance Analysis across Subjects, Chapters & Concepts.  
  • Know your National rank- You can get to know your rank or position at the national level with Rank Potential Index (RPI) for different competitive & scholastic exams through BBE.   
  • Get detailed analysis- Through Big Bang Edge Test, you will also get a detailed analysis of your current readiness for your targeted exams. It will give you an insight into what you need to do for the aspired goal i.e. studying at an IIT, and including your intermediate milestones like Jr. Olympiad, NTSE, X / XII Boards, KVPY, BITSAT, Olympiads.   
  • Goal setting session- BBE will also give you access to have a session of goal setting with our mentors. In this session, FIITJEE experts will prepare a roadmap for your optimum success.                      

Benefits of joining FIITJEE Classroom / Integrated School Program / Live Online Classroom Program through Big Bang Edge Test   

  1. You will be paying the lowest fee for the session starting April 2022 
  2. As soon as you will join a FIITJEE program, you will receive early joining benefits, which include receiving academic inputs for your immediate goals through live online classes.   
  3. You will have peace of mind by being a part of the nation’s top coaching institute. In fact, your parents will have a sigh of relief that their child has the support and guidance of the best academic team in the world.  

So, you see that Big Bang Edge Test comes with innumerable benefits for your academic goals and future. It’s time to gain more information about the BBE test by reaching FIITJEE and give the desired shape to your career. All the best!  

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