Board Exams 2022 - Study Tips to Follow in Last Few Days to Score Maximum Marks

Board Exams 2022 - Study Tips to Follow in Last Few Days to Score Maximum Marks

Calling all students presently in class X and XII! Are you all set to put your best foot forward in board exams? Well, it’s sure that you must be. So, this blog will take you to some of the amazing and effective study tips to follow in the last few days before the board exams.

Go through these tips as follows-

  1. Don’t underestimate your syllabus books – While you are just a few days away from the board exams, you must focus on your syllabus books. There is no need to run after those numerous reference books at this eleventh hour. Whatever you wanted to study from extra books, you have already gained that knowledge now the final revision needs to be done with the syllabus books.
  2. Keep short notes ready- While you revise in the last days before the board exams, you can always make short notes or flow charts of important formulas and other significant concepts. This will come in very handy a day before the respective exam. Creating a memory map is also a great idea to memorise things well.
  3. Learn to manage time- Well, it is true that time management plays a crucial role in board exams. If you are unable to manage time, you can end up leaving many questions unattempted, consequently losing precious marks. And this skill of time management can be improved by attempting practice papers and finishing them within the allotted number of hours. This will train your mind to finish the exam on time.
  4. Learn no new topic- It is advisable not to start any new topic in the last few days. Whatever you have studied, you must revise only that and make it concrete in your mind. New topic in the last few days can prove to be confusing, which you cannot afford to be right before the board exams.
  5. Relax and sleep well- Yes, you heard it right. You must have at least 7-8 hours of sleep in the last days of exams so that both your mind and body are well-rested. This applies especially to the day right before the exam. It is important to remain in good energy and enthusiasm on exam day. Lack of sleep and rest can leave you drained of energy, affecting your performance.

These above-mentioned tips will certainly help you prepare better for the X / XII Board exams this year. However, students studying in younger classes i.e. VI, VII, VIII or IX or those who are moving to class X or XII this year and are aiming to shine bright in X / XII Boards, the guidance of a True Guru is what you need the most. Joining FIITJEE will surely put you firmly on the path to excellence in X / XII Boards.

FIITJEE’s winning teaching methodology has empowered hundreds & thousands of students over the years to excel in not just major competitive & scholastic exams but also in X & XII Boards. The reason of their resounding success is attributed to our comprehensive pedagogy which raises students' IQ, sharpens analytical skills & mental ability and evolves students’ thinking process.

So, it’s time for the students presently in class X and XII to follow these study tips and clear the board exams with flying colours. Wishing you all the luck!