Doing Shopping and Telling Time Needs Maths Too. Know How?

Doing Shopping and Telling Time Needs Maths Too. Know How?

You must have questioned your parents a lot many times, “When am I ever going to need maths in the future?”, isn’t it? Almost every child while studying maths in the school days thinks that it would be hardly of any use further in daily life. So, if you think the same then here is an eye-opener blog for you. You will get to know how mathematics rules our everyday life and how without it, our life will be haywire.

Mathematics during shopping      

All set to visit your favourite brand store to buy shirts and trousers at a 40% discount? What if you see a 5% tax added to the discounted price? How are you going to calculate it whole? Yes, you would need maths here. Of course, you cannot just head up to the billing counter and wait for the executive to calculate it for you. You have to be ahead of time and calculate the price so that you are able to shop according to your budget. Lack of knowledge and miscalculations can land you in trouble, bursting your set budget totally. See, you would need at least a basic understanding and knowledge of maths even when you turn 90.

Maths concepts while telling time

Well, you cannot deny this fact that it’s only due to maths concepts that you are able to tell the time correctly. As you know, there are 24 hours in a day, with each hour having 60 minutes and each minute is of 60 seconds. However, to tell how long a second is, you would need to have a basic understanding of fractions. For instance, when you tell somebody it’s “quarter to six”, you should know that a quarter of an hour is left to become complete 6. Also, you should know that a quarter is one fourth and consists of 15 minutes. You see that “quarter to six” and “quarter past six” are all mathematical sentences.

Besides these, calculating your salary in a job, measuring the quantity of ingredients in the kitchen, calculating the miles per hour while driving, knowing the exact square feet to paint a place while decorating and even while interpreting the polls data in news, you need maths everywhere. Mathematics is all around you, it’s just you don’t notice it.

So, the next time when you question the relevance of mathematics in the future, think twice!