Essential tips to avoid negative marking in IIT-JEE

Essential tips to avoid negative marking in IIT-JEE

Ready to attempt JEE Main this year? Getting anxious thinking about negative marking? Well, you must be. Even if you prepare well for the exam, you can lose marks through negative marking. To avoid this, it is inevitable for you to follow certain strategies and attempt your exam with proper concentration.  This blog will guide you with some highly useful tips that can help you avoid negative marking. Go through them as under-

● Judge your problems right- It is very important that you judge question problems in the right way. You should practice to an extent that just by seeing the question, you are able to decide whether you know the answer or not. The trick here would be to divide your questions into parts i.e. the easy to attempt questions, time taking questions and the ones that you have no idea of. This way, you will be sure of the questions that you know and won’t lose marks in those at least. The ones that you don’t know at all should be left unsolved.

● Do not misread the question- Often, students are in such a hurry that they misread the question.  And, when they misread it, they ultimately land up with the wrong answer, resulting in negative marking. For instance, the question might ask you to mark the incorrect answer and you being in a hurry mark the correct one. So, here your marks will be cut. You need to be very vigilant especially when it comes to reading the question.

● Avoid marking the wrong option- Many times, you will see options that look almost identical to each other with just the units being different or a variation of the number of zeros. This simply means that you need to be extremely cautious while marking the correct answer.

● Manage time well- Accept that silly mistakes happen when you are running out of time. However, if you will manage your time well, you will have an idea of the expected time taken by a particular question to be solved. And, better time management skill will only come through vigorous practice.

● Guess it smartly- See, you cannot just attempt vague guessing and mark any option. You need to be smart in guessing too. Try eliminating the wrong ones first and then tick the right one. You can also use the substitution method by putting the values present in the options and then guess the right answer.

Thus, you see that with a little smartness and proper strategy, you can avoid negative marking in IIT-JEE. Further, you should also keep a check on the guidelines provided to you by your faculty and follow them all. Wish you good luck!