FIITJEE e-School - The Next Best Learning Medium After Offline Classroom Programs

FIITJEE e-School - The Next Best Learning Medium After Offline Classroom Programs

FIITJEE, with its only mission to serve the student fraternity with the finest education, has marched a mile ahead to reach the next level of teaching by introducing FIITJEE e-School. Through our e-School, we aim at bringing offline expertise to online. No doubt, nothing can match our legendary classroom programs, but we have made our Live Online Classroom Programs as powerful & effective as offline programs.

And, the fascinating part of our e-School is that any student can join it from any corner of the world and experience legendary pedagogy. It is specially tailored to prepare the students presently in Class VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, and XI for their academic goals. It implies that FIITJEE e-School is the next best learning medium for you if you are in a remote area or are unable to join our classroom programs due to any reason. With Live Online Classroom Programs, you can set out on a journey to attain definite success without any limitation.

Distinguished features of FIITJEE e-School

  • Without a doubt, our offline classes are legendary, but our e-School is no less effective and powerful. Attending the live online classes in our e-School is the finest option in case, you cannot join our offline classroom programs.
  • Highly researched and top-notch e-study material is provided to all the students. The study material is enriched with our vast experience of 29 years and will be available in the form of e-CPP, e-package, e-archives, e-question banks, e-assignments, e-notes and e-quizzes.
  • Most prominent feature is the dedicated live doubt clearing sessions. We know that doubts are the biggest hurdle for the students and our faculty ensures that no doubt is left unresolved.
  • Online Parent Teacher Meeting (ePTM) is intrinsic to our Live Online Classroom Programs.
  • All the students who join our Live Online Classroom Programs are considered as the students of our flagship Delhi centres. They will be comprehensively prepared by its faculty members.
  • Separate batches will be made where the medium of teaching would be in “pure English” and “Hindi + English”.

Apart from all the features discussed above, one other prominent one is that once you are enrolled in FIITJEE e-School, you can later shift to an offline program by paying the fee difference. However, it depends on the availability of the specific course and seat. 

What makes our FIITJEE e-School different?

  • At FIITJEE, we provide LIVE doubt sessions (2way communication) which are planned sessions. The students are notified about the doubt sessions through a weekly timetable. And even after the sessions, if students have any doubts then they have the option to contact their respective subject teacher.
  • While others conduct classes in large batch sizes, we keep our batches optimally small. The personalised attention is given to every student to reinforce the understanding of the topics and concepts.
  • Separate batches for “Pure English” and “Hindi+English” mediums of teaching will be created.

Note that, joining FIITJEE can bring you academic benefits that you have only thought of. Whether you are in class VI, VII, VIII, IX, X or XI, our programs will cater to your specific academic needs. Right from comprehensively preparing you for school and all scholastic & competitive exams, laying a strong foundation, sharpening your analytical skills & mental ability to help you achieve an optimum rank in JEE Main and JEE Advanced, FIITJEE programs do it all.

Programs Offered Under e-School Initiative

If you are a student of class VI, VII, VIII, IX & X having an inclination towards any stream - Arts / Commerce / Engineering / Humanities / Medical or aspiring to ace engineering entrance and other competitive & scholastic exams, we have a program designed for you. Class VI students can join e-Little Genie - One Year Live Online Foundation Program, Class VII students can enrol in e-UDAYA - Two Year Live Online Classroom Program and for class VIII students, we have e-UDAYA - One Year Live Online Classroom Program. e-Maths Genie is that one program that is tailored for students of classes VI, VII and VIII.

If you are in class IX, you can join e-ASCENT - Two Year Live Online Classroom Program, e-Four Year Live Online Classroom Program or e-RAMANUJAN - Four Year Live Online Classroom Program. Furthermore, Class X students can enrol in e-ASCENT - One Year Live Online Classroom Program or e-Three Year Live Online Classroom Program. In addition to these programs, we have e-Two Year Live Online Classroom Program and e-PANINI-Two Year Live Online Classroom Program for the students of class XI. So, you can enrol in the program as per your academic needs and requirements. For more information, you can visit .

Note that, all programs at FIITJEE are meant to enhance the IQ and academic abilities of the students. So, if you wish to evaluate your IQ & aptitude for JEE and other exams but are also looking forward to assessing your analytical skills needed to attain success in other careers and life, then you must appear for FIITJEE Talent Reward Exam (FTRE).  To know more details about the exam, you can browse through