The Chance to raise your rank in JEE Main & JEE Advanced 2022 by an unbelievable margin!  

Are you aspiring for IIT / NIT this year and want to supplement your preparations to raise your chances of success and a higher rank in JEE Main & JEE Advanced 2022?  

The INTENSIVE CONTACT PROGRAM (ICP) can be a vital stepping-stone to ensure comprehensive exam preparation which promises a better rank along with a preferred branch of engineering and choice of IIT / NIT. The Intensive Contact Program is designed to catapult your All India Rank in JEE Main & JEE Advanced from 500 to Top 10, from 2000 to Top 50, from 5000 to Top 100 or from 10000 to Top 200.  


Key Advantages of Joining FIITJEE’s Intensive Contact Program-  

ICP evaluates your current rank scoring potential & boosts it by an incredible degree    

The hallmark of the Intensive Contact Program is its ability to strategically evaluate where students’ current academic potential lies, while nurturing and mentoring their academic skills so that they score much higher in the respective exams. ICP can give you the chance to boost your rank in JEE Main & JEE Advanced by a fantastic margin!  

Uploaded Video Lectures 

ICP provides access to uploaded video lectures of each class for the convenience of students. 

With the help of regularly uploaded videos, students can revisit important parts of lectures that they have missed and improve their concepts with regular revisioning. 

Specialised Doubt Removal Sessions to hone students’ skills & raise confidence level   

By using specialised master sessions that are designed to eliminate lingering conceptual doubts, ICP ensures that students are able to increase the number of questions answered with higher accuracy. The ICP is strategically designed to plug conceptual doubts and bring clarity to concepts that are crucial from the exam perspective.   

Empowering students to develop their own time management strategies  

Years of preparation for these competitive exams rest on the performance measured on exam day. Developing the right time management strategy plays a crucial role in transforming a student’s preparation into success. ICP empowers students to develop time management techniques that can methodically increase their scores along with building exam testing temperament for future competitive pursuits.    

Periodic performance enhancement tests with a thorough analysis  

ICP’s period performance enhancement tests are a different degree of tests that are structured to provide a platform for students to continually raise their analytical sharpness and thinking precision. The performance enhancement tests are a benchmark for students to measure regular improvements with thorough analysis and tilt the odds in their favour when it comes to maximising their score in JEE Main & JEE Advanced.  

Computer-based All India Test Series (AITS) & Concept Strengthening Program   

FIITJEE’s Intensive Contact Program includes an All India Test Series (AITS) followed by a concept strengthening & test analysis cum doubt removal program. AITS provides students with various practice tests having unique problems of JEE Advanced level. This helps eliminate topic wise confusion, consolidate tricky JEE level concepts, and enrich students’ skills through quality practice which mirrors the level to be seen in actual competitive exams.  

Access to myPAT (Online Test Series for JEE Main + JEE Advanced)  

myPAT is our learning partner platform that incorporates personalised learning in a real test environment to help you identify your shortcomings, build exam readiness, and maximise overall test performance. myPAT provides exam analytics along with its student-teacher community to ask and answer questions while initiating discussions and sharing ideas.     

FIITJEE’s Intensive Contact Program can be a real game-changer during the final juncture of your preparations and may even be the secret ingredient to your recipe for success in JEE Main & JEE Advanced 2022! If you want to catapult your rank in JEE Main & JEE Advanced this year, then hurry up and be a part of ICP!  

Look at some of our ICP trailblazers in JEE Advanced 2021  

All India Rank 1 Mridul Aggarwal   

All India Rank 6 Soni Naman Nirmal  

All India Rank 14 Ameya Prashant Deshmukh  

All India Rank 23 Govind Kumar   

All India Rank 25 Rishit Shrivastava  

All India Rank 26 Guramrit Singh   

To know about the admission test dates and batch commencement details, please refer to the table below-  


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