FIITJEE’s Epic Journey of Success - A Glimpse

FIITJEE’s Epic Journey of Success - A Glimpse

FIITJEE, a premier institute has come a long way ahead in preparing students for JEE Main, JEE Advanced and all the other competitive & scholastic exams at both the national and international level. We are an institute that direct the determination & hard work of the students to exemplary & monumental results. Usually, it is considered that an average performing student can hardly fulfil his/her dream of becoming an IITian but at FIITJEE, we make it happen in real. We not only transform brilliant students but also catapult average & above average students (by JEE standards) to good ranks in JEE Advanced. All that a student needs to do is to follow us sincerely and keep his/her determination to crack JEE intact.

And here we are with two of our shining students who despite scoring low scores in FIITJEE admission test, cleared JEE Advanced with their desired ranks.

Read further to know what they have to say about their experience of studying at FIITJEE.

In the words of Nithin Babu (AIR 216, JEE Advanced 2018)

“ To become an IITian is one dream that I always wanted to fulfil, but being an average performer, I was never encouraged until I approached FIITJEE. I browsed the past records of this institute and noticed how effectively it has supported average performing students into IITians. Convinced with the proven results of FIITJEE for decades, I decided to appear for its Admission Test on 6th April 2014, in which I scored only 33% with no scholarship. I then joined FIITJEE Four Year Classroom Program wherein I witnessed many other students like me already gaining benefits from the guidance of its expert faculty and well-researched study material. I was motivated to push my efforts further seeking support from the teachers who worked 360 ° to plug in my academic loopholes. FIITJEE’s support and my determination together have made me who I am today - A proud IITian with All India Rank 216 in JEE Advanced 2018. Big thanks to FIITJEE!

Taking off from 33% marks in the admission test to AIR 216 in JEE Advanced could only be possible with FIITJEE. The only institute that has transformed not only my life but hundreds of others. Big thanks to FIITJEE! ”

FIITJEE’s another gem is Kartikay Goel who even after scoring as low as 30% in FIITJEE admission test, achieved an All India Rank that even he never thought of.

Know his remarkable success story in his words only.

Kartikay Goel (AIR 518, JEE Advanced 2018)

“I thank the day when I decided to join FIITJEE. Even after being an average academic performer, I planned to appear for FIITJEE Admission Test in 2014 but attained only 30% with no scholarship. Right after when I thought my dream of becoming an IITian would never be fulfilled, FIITJEE held my hand. I joined its Four Year Classroom Program and the support that I received from the FIITJEE faculty is worth applauding. Since I joined it in class IX only, I could take the maximum benefit of the provided study material and schematic test schedule followed by problem-solving sessions. Joining early enabled me to strengthen my weak concepts and made my foundation concrete by the time I reached class X, which ultimately boosted my performance in secondary classes. Only by following FIITJEE and remaining under the guidance of expert mentors here, my dream of becoming an IITian was accomplished. Yes, I cleared JEE Advanced (2018) with an All India Rank 518.

With my remarkable experience of four years with FIITJEE, I can definitely say that joining this institute at least till class X is a must irrespective of your stream choice. It’s sure to bring you the desired results. Heartily thanks to FIITJEE! ”

At FIITJEE, such success stories are numerous. The faculty and the entire crew are determined to guide the students in the best possible manner and push them to reach their potential in order to fulfil their academic dreams. If you also wish to escalate your performance and meet your academic goals then reach the nearest FIITJEE Centre and gain more information about FIITJEE programs. All the best!