Follow These Success Mantras And Get Set To Ace One Of The Most Vital Exams Of Your Life

Follow These Success Mantras And Get Set To Ace One Of The Most Vital Exams Of Your Life

Your 12 Board Exams are around the Corner!

Are you Geared up for it?

Follow these Success Mantras and get set to Ace one of the most vital exams of your Life

You have waited for long for this moment to arrive. When you will confront one of the most important exams of your life. However, to deliver top performance on the D day, you must have a road-map, a strategy in place ensuring that you have plugged all the loose ends in your preparation. So, we have elucidated a few extremely crucial points which if followed in the right spirit & pursued devotedly, will not only enlighten you but will also pave the way for you to emerge triumphantly.

Time & Tide wait for no one! So, manage your time judiciously - making optimum utilization of available time is also a stepping stone towards the realization of your goal. First things first, one needs to make a Timetable according to his / her requirements and should strictly abide by it. In addition to this, well thought off study plan should also be formulated as to how much time needs to be devoted to managing all the subjects. However, one must remember that “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. Hence, one must chalk out time to engage in co-curricular activities or should pursue their hobby to maintain a healthy balance. Making a time-table will also enable you to assess your productivity.

Sample Papers – Your gateway to Success – Solving as many sample papers as possible is again an indispensable component in your Success. By solving sample papers, you get to understand the pattern of the paper as well the time spent in answering every question. By practising the papers, you will get acquainted with your shortcomings which will further propel you to work on them and plug them. This practice also leads you to revise the topics again and again which boosts your confidence and reinforces your belief of a Top performance on that day.

Too much of Social Media – Recipe for Disaster – If you love spending hours on your phone, surfing, chatting then you are wasting your precious time which can be effectively utilized towards honing your problem-solving skills. Studies have shown, that social media platforms, gaming, etc are the biggest distractions for Students and in some cases have ruined the lives of Students. So, Students should ideally deactivate their accounts from social media platforms for some time as it will only help them to focus with undivided attention towards their realization of their main goal.

Imbibe Positivity & Relax, it’s not the end of the World - Many Students consider failure as the end of the World. They must realize that it is an important examination and with proper planning and hard work they are sure to get a good percentage. So, all they need to do is to stay positive and should have a relaxed yet invigorating approach towards their Goal. However, students should be careful that they don’t get burned out by indulging in heavy sporting activities as they may injure themselves before an important event like Boards.