How to develop mental ability and mathematical skills?

How to develop mental ability and mathematical skills?

Mental Ability & Mathematical Skills are two critical areas of aptitude and academic brilliance which need to be reinforced as a part of students’ study preparation. Developing mental ability and mathematical skills will lead to sound academic development and will nurture enhanced learning prowess in young students so that they are able to sail through numerous challenges throughout their lives.  

Here are key ways to develop mental ability & mathematical skills!   

Have All Theorems and Formulas Ready at Your Fingertips  

When you have all formulas and theorems ready at your fingertips, you can recall any one of them at an instant. This boost in speed will significantly contribute towards your ability to solve more problems in less time and will also decrease the time taken to solve each individual problem. You will notice a considerable improvement in the speed at which you are able to solve one particular problem once you quickly memorise key theorems and formulas.   


Learn the fundamentals First and then gradually move towards solving tougher problems  

A smart approach to quality learning involves mastering the fundamentals before moving on to tougher questions. By fundamentals, you should aim to thoroughly understand theories and principles in science and maths before trying to solve numericals and question-answers. Once you strengthen your grip on fundamentals, you will be able to solve a much wider range of questions.    


Master All the Methods that can be used to solve a question  

It is imperative to know various methods to solve a question. This will allow you to solve more questions and that too through different methods! You will eventually reach a point where you’ll have to decide which method is the most efficient to use while solving a question.   

Focus More on Clearing Concepts rather than completing long study hours  

Never count the number of hours you study. Instead, focus more on concept clarity and the range of questions that you can solve from an exam perspective. This shift in perspective will encourage you to comprehensively understand concepts, relate topics, and increase your focus on topics that can fetch higher marks!    


Meditating, Exercising & Maintaining a Healthy Diet   

Exercising combined with a healthy diet can do wonders for your physical and mental well-being. Certain foods advised by medical professionals improve your memory skills and concentration. Some of the common items include:  

  • Nuts and seeds:   
  • almond 
  • Berries: strawberries, blackberries, blueberries  
  • Coffee  
  • Eggs  

The bottom line is that your JEE preparation is incomplete if you can’t devote sufficient attention to enhancing your memory and logical thinking skills. Staying organised, eating a healthy diet, engaging in creative activities, and feeding your curiosity are beneficial ways to increase brainpower and logical thinking.  

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