JEE Advanced 2021 Results - FIITJEE Celebrates the Festival of Historic Success

JEE Advanced 2021 Results - FIITJEE Celebrates the Festival of Historic Success

When IIT Kharagpur on 15th October 2021 declared the results of JEE Advanced 2021, it was no less than a festival at FIITJEE. The top 3 All India Rankers are FIITJEE students. Yes! You heard that right! The All India Ranker 1, Mridul Agarwal is from FIITJEE’s Intensive Classroom Program (ICP), Dhananjay Raman, AIR 2 is from FIITJEE’s UDAYA- Two Year (VII-VIII) + Four Year Classroom Program (IX-XII) and Anant Lunia who has attained AIR 3 is from FIITJEE’s Three Year Classroom Program.  

Our institute has proved its competence and excellence not just by producing top 3 rankers but also by giving 12 state toppers which include Mridul Agarwal, Rajasthan state topper; Dhananjay Raman, Delhi topper; Soni Naman Nirmal, Gujarat state topper; Kartik Sreekumar Nair, Maharashtra state topper; Akshit Goel, Haryana state topper; Anand Narasimhan, Tamilnadu state topper; Aaveg Jain, Uttar Pradesh state topper; Yash Virani, Madhya Pradesh state topper; Rishabh Singh Gaharwar, Chhattisgarh state topper; Asmit Singh, Bihar state topper; Ankit Mondal, West Bengal state topper and Rahul Kumar who is Jharkhand state topper. To add on, 18 city toppers and 5 IIT zone toppers are from our institute only. It makes us proud to announce that Kavya Chopra who has attained All India Rank 98 and is the national topper among girls is a FIITJEE student only. She is a student of FIITJEE’s UDAYA – One Year Classroom + Four Year Classroom Program.  

With this, our All India Test Series (AITS), which our students count in the most effective series has also driven the students to their desired success. Our 6 rankers in the top 100 from AITS comprise Ananth Krishna Kidambi, AIR 13; Parth Patel, AIR 72; Harshit Gupta, AIR 76; Aaryan Sharma, AIR 79; Hardik Garg, AIR 89 and Shlok Pandey, AIR 94.  

Know What the JEE Advanced Top 3 Rankers Have to Say About Their Academic Journey with Us  

Mridul Agarwal, AIR 1, Intensive Classroom Program (ICP) 

“I enrolled myself in the ICP program. This gave me a true boost to my preparation. The teachers in the ICP rank enhancement classes were very good. The AITS tests gave me a competitive JEE advanced type environment. The Grand Master Package also had a contribution and provided me quality questions. I would like to thank the FIITJEE faculty and the entire FIITJEE team for boosting me to my present achievement.” 

Dhananjay Raman, AIR 2, UDAYA- Two Year (VII-VIII) + Four Year Classroom Program (IX-XII) 

“In classes 7 and 8, they focus on the basics and building up a strong foundation. Starting from class 9, they begin the JEE syllabus in full depth. Aside from the usual lectures, FIITJEE also conducts weekly and monthly tests, doubt clearing sessions on a regular basis. I believe all these things are essential to building up a strong problem-solving mind. Aside from the usual PCM lectures in classes 11 & 12, FIITJEE also takes the core of Biology, SST and Maths from classes 6 to 10. I thank FIITJEE for all the support and advice it has given me.”  

Anant Lunia, AIR 3, Three Year Classroom Program  

“The environment in the classroom was very engaging and competitive. Teachers made sure that due attention is paid to every topic. We were exposed to a wide variety of questions on each topic. FIITJEE has played an important role in my success.  

With such remarkable results, we are assured of our winning teaching methodology, well-researched study material and unceasing support of the experienced faculty making a difference to our students’ lives and careers. No doubt, we have continued our legacy of 25 years of consistently dominating Classroom Programs Results on an All India basis since 1997.