JEE Main 2022: The Secret Code to Success in Under a Few Months

JEE Main 2022: The Secret Code to Success in Under a Few Months

A good student studies hard, but a topper works on his weak areas and perfects his imperfections!  

With JEE Main 2022 being conducted this summer, it is time for serious aspirants to go into operation overdrive mode and strategise the last few months of their preparation so that they clear the exam!  

When it comes to serious aspirants, they ideally should have completed the entire syllabus by now and must be aiming to curate a dedicated strategy that can define their performance in the Joint Entrance Exam.      

JEE Main 2022 will be held in two sessions. The first session will be from June 20 to June 29 and the second session will be from July 21 to July 30. A candidate’s best performance between the two sessions will be considered in the final merit list.   

Here are Pivotal Key Strategies you should religiously follow to get a better Rank in JEE Main 2022!  

Revisit & Revise Weaker Topics  

You should comprehensively brush up on topics that you are less confident in. By carefully planning and chalking out a concrete topic-wise revision strategy that strictly focuses on your weaknesses, you can revise better and leave NO chink in the armour!  

Shortlist Key Study Resources  

Remember, it is not the quantity of time utilised in preparation, but the quality that really counts.  

During the final phase of exam preparation, one should NOT indulge in and study from a plethora of books. Rather, he/she should shortlist and stick to key books and study preparation material that CATEGORICALLY covers exam related topics and JEE Main syllabus. Repetitive revision of fewer books in the short-run will fetch higher marks, as students are able to retain more and build a stronger understanding of concepts.  

Curating the Right Exam Plan!  

At this stage, students must be focused and should utilise their time for memorising formulas, using mnemonic techniques, developing shortcuts, giving mock tests, and mastering key topics that are important from the exam perspective. Students should also synchronise their JEE Preparation with Board Exams, particularly in Physics, Chemistry & Maths so that they don’t lag behind in any area and cover all aspects of both tests.    

Exam Day Test-Taking Strategy  

All preparations aside, it is vital to construct a strategy that aims to give you an edge strictly on the exam day itself. A self-evaluated exam day test-taking strategy can be a real game-changer for some! Aspirants that come unprepared on the day of the exam grimace at the pressure when suddenly, they realise that years of hard work boils down to this one performance! Therefore, it is important to unflinchingly hold your nerves during the exam and solve the question paper within the requisite time.   

It is pivotal you follow these key strategies during the final phase of your preparation as the stakes are too high when it comes to the Joint Entrance Exam!  

FIITJEE Students Dominated Results in JEE Main 2021 

FIITJEE Result Highlights in JEE Main 2021 

  • 6 Joint Toppers  
  • 8 Students in Top 10 AIR 
  • 19 Students in Top 50 AIR 
  • 34 Students in Top 100 AIR 
  • 71 Students in Top 200 AIR 
  • 161 Students in Top 500 AIR 
  • 11 State Toppers 
  • 23 City Toppers 
  • From all Programs 
  • 9 State Toppers; 20 City Toppers 

*From All Programs 

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