MSTSE – A Platform to Unravel your Talent in the field of Science & Engineering!

MSTSE – A Platform to Unravel your Talent in the field of Science & Engineering!

A dream doesn’t become a reality through Magic – it takes sweat, determination, hard work and the right mentor. In your pursuit of academic excellence, it becomes a must to have a dream and then head towards converting it into a reality. Aspiring excellence is one thing and making efforts towards accomplishing it is another. FIITJEE, being a concerned mentor, is there to take care of your dreams and add wings to them while enabling you to fly high.

If you are aspiring to make your career in science & engineering, then it’s time to give your dreams the right push and carve out a niche for yourself through the right opportunity coming your way. Maharashtra Science Talent Search Exam (MSTSE) 2018 is one such platform for students who have the right mix of Aptitude, Attitude & Adherence to make it to the IITs.

Scheduled to be conducted on 2nd September 2018, MSTSE is crafted for the talents of Maharashtra studying in Class VIII, IX, X & XI. Through MSTSE, Students will get the opportunity:

  • to know their Rank Potential Index (RPI) for JEE Advanced which will help them know what they can achieve and also bridge the gap between desire & their current potential.

  • to get suggestions which will help them to plug loopholes so that they can plan their study schedule and improve upon their shortcomings to perform to their optimum on the JEE day.

  • to join FIITJEE’s Classroom / Integrated School Program at the Lowest Fee for the Session 2019.

  • to join FIITJEE’s Classroom / Integrated School Program in the month of September / October itself, whereas most of the Students wait till December / January / February or even later. This early joining would give Student the advantage of preparing for Board / School Final Exams with an undivided focus.

What’s more?

  • A Total of 600 Students (200 Students each from FIITJEE Mumbai, Nagpur and Pune Centres i.e. 50 Students each for Class VIII, IX, X & XI) will be selected through MSTSE - 2018.

  • 600 meritorious Students will get a Certificate of Achievement. In addition, Top 3 Students in each segment will get Gold, Silver & Bronze Medals and they will also get online doubt removal support to help them in their preparation, even without joining FIITJEE Program. To further support these 600 meritorious Students, FIITJEE will provide up to 100% Fee waiver on Tuition Fee & up to 100% Hostel Fee Concession (wherever available) for FIITJEE Classroom / Integrated School Programs.

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