NCERT rationalises syllabus for Classes 6 to 12

The Student community had to deal with various challenges during the last two years caused by the Pandemic. Adopting to online education, proctored examination mode, lack of extra-curricular engagement, etc were all very taxing on students’ education.    

After immense contemplation by the ministry of HRD, they decided that it was imperative to reduce the NCERT syllabus to ease the load on students and so that students can receive extra time for other important activities. NCERT also took this decision to avoid “overlapping” of topics and subjects that were of similar content and repeated in lower classes.   

Beyond this, the focus of the ministry is to impart value-based education instead of rote learning and teach students life skills, physical fitness, and experiential learning that can bring out a more holistic understanding and a higher sense of perception in them.   

This decision also aims to promote self-learning or peer-learning in students that require much less assistance from teachers.    

Reportedly, NCERT has reduced nearly 30% of the syllabi for classes 6 to 12. The syllabi rationalisation process for the academic session 2022-23 started in December 2021 and after several months of discourse, the operation was finally concluded by NCERT. Subject experts have revised the syllabi. The CBSE Syllabus 2021-22 was finalised by various course committees and approved by the Curriculum Committee and the Board’s Governing Body.  

Noteworthy topics including the Gujarat Riots, the Cold War, Mughal Courts, Population growth & density, and field surveys have been removed from the Syllabus. Beyond that, other topics such as Industrial Revolution from the Class XI textbook, and Dalit writers from the Class 7th Textbook were also dropped.   


Chapters removed from the syllabi  

Take a look at some of the key chapters related to science that have been either partially or completely removed in the revised syllabi.  

Certain Key Science Topics That are removed from NCERT Syllabus   




Weather, Climate, and Adaptations of Animals to Climate  


CLASS 8th   


·Pollution of Air and Water  


CLASS 9th   


·Why Do We Fall Ill?  

·Natural Resources  


CLASS 10th   


Periodic Classification of Elements  


CLASS 12th   


  • Reproduction in Organisms  
  • Ecosystem  
  • Environmental Issues  

For the full list of topics that have been rationalised by NCERT, please visit: 


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