What all comes along your way, if you choose Engineering as a career

What all comes along your way, if you choose Engineering as a career

Engineering has been attracting a large number of Students in India, over a past few decades. But have you ever pondered why engineering holds such magnitude of importance around itself ? The reasons for the same or as I would rather prefer to put forward, the pros of being an engineer are umpteen. Some of these include:-

1) Engineering – A profession filled with repute and Pride

Being an engineer is not everyone’s cup of tea. A lot of hard work, subject knowledge and burning midnight oil is what it takes to be an engineer. Moreover, they play a pivotal role in Science and Technology. This makes them respectable in the society. So remember, it is no less than a matter of prestige to be an engineer.

2) A gateway for a myriad of professional opportunities

Engineering, being a multi-disciplinary field has a lot of career opportunities to offer, right from electrical, computer engineering to automobile, mechanical and chemical engineering. Studying engineering paves way for a flying start and one can try his/her luck in software or core companies.

3) Your opportunity to be financially fortified

There’s a reason for engineering being referred as a lucrative career. Engineering is the best suited career option if you desire to lead a resourceful life. Engineers are paid highly, from the very starting itself and the salary multiplies as one makes progress.

4) An engaging as well as challenging Job

Engineering is a job that will always keep you at toe. You will have to devise solutions all by yourself, without anyone’s help along with making them commercially viable. Your creative ability and acumen will increase significantly in the process. Thus, you will acquire the skills and develop the confidence that will help you overcome all problems and barriers in your life.

5) Your Chance to contribute to the society

As an engineer you will be positively contributing to the society. Any stream you choose, you will always be contributing towards something that helps the mankind. For example – As a civil engineer you will be a part of a bridge building or you will be building a robotic machine as an electronic engineer. All this would lead to self-contentment and pride.

So who wouldn’t want to avail all these benefits that convoys the life of an engineer?

To all the budding engineers, work hard now, so as to live a life that you will remember!