What are the Common Mistakes committed by Parents while choosing a Coaching Institute for their Child ?

What are the Common Mistakes committed by Parents while choosing a Coaching Institute for their Child ?

Some of us go with those Coaching Institutes that readily offer admission without conducting an Admission Test or conduct it as a mere eyewash

FIITJEE conducts Admission Tests to gauge the aptitude & potential of a Student to qualify JEE Advanced, JEE Main & various other exams. FIITJEE does not offer admission to Students in its Classroom / Integrated School Program who do not qualify the Admission Test. But some Institutes offer admission readily as their sole motive is to make money while others, those conduct the admission test, conduct it as a mere eyewash which does not assess a Student’s potential & capability in the real sense.

Some of us believe in fake & fabricated Results published by some unscrupulous Coaching Institutes

This is Kaliyug and some institutes indulge in wrongful practices by advertising fake & fabricated Results and some of us fall into their trap by believing them blindly. Such Institutes purposely hide crucial details about its Students, buy results of Students not taught by them by paying huge sums of money and advertise these results heavily across the country.

Some of us go by our Child’s choice
If our child chooses to join an Institute that his / her friends or peer group are joining, then we blindly let him/her join that institute. You being the guiding light for your child, 
must verify your child’s choice by carefully examining the facts & information about various prospective institutes before taking the final decision.

Some of us overstress the need to save money
In order to save some money, would you really want to compromise on input parameters like comprehensively trained Faculty, structured teaching Methodology, Student-centric programs & approach, enabling environment & infrastructure? Any amount of money spent on these Institutes which do not provide all the necessary attributes mentioned above is a complete waste.

Insufficient inquiry/research and Lack of Awareness

Just think, how much time & effort you put in to inquire / research when you buy a Mobile Phone, TV, Car, etc?

Let these mistakes not disrupt your plans for your Child’s future. Avoid any uncertainty and choose the Best Coach of the Country ~ FIITJEE