Why FTRE  is a must for Students aspiring for Success in JEE and other Scholastic / Competitive Exams

Why FTRE is a must for Students aspiring for Success in JEE and other Scholastic / Competitive Exams

FIITJEE is a distinguished institute with a long-standing heritage of 27 years of unmatched excellence.  It has empowered lacs of Students to realize their dream of studying at the IITs and countless others to reach the pinnacle of Success by becoming NTSE Scholars, KVPY Fellow, Olympiad Medallists & Board Toppers.  

FIITJEE’s mantra of unparalleled Success is built upon the pillars of Efforts + Commitment + Perseverance which has let it deliver exemplary Results in all most all the Competitive / Scholastic Exams. As a matter of fact, another shot in the arm for FIITJEE, was, recently, India’s highly acclaimed magazine “India Today” has Ranked FIITJEE as the No. 1 Institute for Engineering Entrance Exam.

This shows that FIITJEE is unequivocally the most sought-after Coaching Institute in the Country for Students (& their Parents) for the preparation of JEE & other Competitive / Scholastic Exams.

So, if you are driven with the passion & ambition of excelling in JEE & other Competitive /Scholastic Exams, then the upcoming FTRE test (to be held on 29th December 2019) is the most vital step in your success planning in JEE Advanced, JEE Main, KVPY, NTSE & Olympiads.



What makes FTRE a must for Students:

  1. Students will get an external evaluation of their IQ individually for exams like JEE Advanced, JEE Main, KVPY, Olympiads and NTSE etc.
  2. Students will get a thorough understanding of their preparation level of the concepts learned so far. With this valuable insight, they can work on their weak areas and prepare further.
  3. Students will get to know how they can improve on their weak areas so that they reach the desired performance in each of the exams they are appearing for.
  4. Students will get the opportunity to enroll in FIITJEE’s path-breaking Classroom / Integrated School Programs and study with best & the Brightest minds.
  5. Students will get the opportunity to join FIITJEE’s Early Edge Programs which are designed to give dedicated Students that extra Advantage that can propel them to secure a Top Rank.
  6. Selected Students will also get the opportunity to enroll in a FIITJEE Program of their choice by paying lower Program Fee (which is guaranteed to increase for subsequent tests).
  7. Students also stand to win cash scholarships along with fee waivers on FIITJEE Programs that are worth Rs. 10 Crores.

FTRE is the gateway for students to realize their dreams. Don’t miss this once in a year opportunity! Appear for the FTRE exam and get the right guidance and resources to be a Real Achiever.