With two days to go for JEE Main - 2018, here’s what you should do to Score Big !

With two days to go for JEE Main - 2018, here’s what you should do to Score Big !

Only two days left for the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Main, one of the most important engineering entrance exams, preparation of candidates must be in full swing. Scheduled to be conducted on April 8 (pen and paper mode) and April 15 and 16 for computer-based test mode, clearing the same opens the gateway for admission into the renowned IITs, NITs and IIITs. It is important to channelise your time and efforts into the right kind of preparation strategy in order to get the desired results. Clearing the JEE Main and Advanced papers will give candidates eligibility for admission in Bachelor of Technology (BTech), Bachelor of Engineering (BE) and Bachelor of Architecture (BArch) courses.

The exam is held in two stages— JEE Main which is conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and JEE Advanced which is held by a different IIT every year. In order to help you brush up your last moment preparation, we bring you expert advice, tips and tricks from Mr. Ramesh Batlish, Centre Head, FIITJEE Noida.

Mock test revision

The last two days are meant only for revision and not for starting or going through a new topic. Instead of touching a leftover topic, focus on your strengths and revise those footnotes or important notes, which you might have prepared throughout your JEE preparation. Revise all your strong points so that you leave no scope to obtain full marks in those areas. If in doubt, attempt the mock test available on the official website in order to get a rough idea about your time management and strategy.

Speed, time and accuracy

These are the three important components which help you do well in the JEE. Time management plays a crucial role in increasing the performance. Accuracy means how quick you are able to identify the easier questions, attempting the same and then moving on to the moderate ones and difficult ones. Its a three hours paper and you have 90 questions to solve. You should not spend more than 2-3 minutes on each question.

Avoiding silly mistakes

It is obvious that students do make mistakes while attempting the paper. Most of the time students solve questions on the question paper itself and then fill the OMR sheet. This practice should be completely avoided. Another common mistake is that students do guess work. You do want to score good marks but do not forget that there’s a penalty for every wrong answer. If you’re not confident enough about a particular question, do not attempt it. Your marks will be cut in case it turns out to be wrong and it will reduce your chances to score well.

Faculty feedback

In case of any doubt, contact your coaching faculty or mentors to get them cleared at the earliest. The most important part of attempting any paper is that your basics should be clear. If you are confused even after revising and going through truck loads of notes, approach your mentor and get your concepts sorted. Do not feel shy or reluctant as its the question of your career. Your mind should be relaxed and no feeling of uncertainty should exist.

Do not discuss preparation with everyone

Be satisfied with your own preparation. Do not call your friends and discuss their preparation.This will not only affect your level of confidence but may also cause confusion in case you hear of something which they know and you don’t. Every individual’s preparation strategy is different and everyone’s approach towards solving a question varies. Have faith in your preparation and just maintain a positive outlook.

Wishing you Good Luck for your JEE Main,2018 !yes